Intercultural Immersions

Crafted experiences for you and your teams designed to immerse the participants in the Hispanic culture of the chosen country/US market.

I work with marketing teams, design and innovation teams, sales teams, education groups, conference groups, you name it. The experience can last from a day (as short as a meal and a presentation) up to a week.

Together, we select the places according to the needs and budget from your teams (example – we can spend a day understanding Bicultural Mexicans in Houston, or a week meeting Hispanics throughout the US- Low Acculturated Mexicans in Chicago & LA or Bicultural Puerto Ricans in NY, and Cubans in Miami).

We also cater to companies and organizations interested in traveling abroad. We bring together our combined experience and immerse the participants in people’s homes, explore how they live and think of a particular topic/product/service/project, eat, have fun, and meet experts from the field as part of the designed program. We have learned that living the experience is the best way to understand and empathize with others.

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