Intercultural Strategy & Innovation Workshops

We help you adapt a program/product or idea into the Hispanic/Latin America culture and more in detail into each market. Our consultants work with your Marketing teams, Design and Innovation teams, Sales teams, Education groups, Conference groups, you name it. We travel to your location or select the most appropriate setting for you and your team. We will ask you to provide us with enough documentation and research, let us analyze it, and then we will have a half-day session with you and your team to help you work through the details of the adaptation/innovation strategy for such product/program.

The Intercultural Studio uses innovative techniques to facilitate workshops including Design Thinking, Futures Design, Brainstorming, and Divergent/Convergent Thinking, all through an intercultural lens. We typically conduct these sessions by facilitating in-person meetings, where the main objective is to solve a specific intercultural issue.

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